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"PaidToday is the Etsy for service providers." - Jenny

You didn't get into business to push papers or pixels. Now you don't have to. Introducing PaidToday where you can book clients, oversee projects, invoice, follow up with clients, and get paid... with one single app.

File Sharing and Client Collaboration

Has your business outgrown spreadsheets?

Say goodbye to the tedious. PaidToday is like having a dedicated robot employee for all of your recurring tasks.

  • Reduce data entry
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Gain more time for profit earning tasks
  • No more late nights

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Want more?

  • Organization
  • Automation of day to day tasks
  • Project clarity & team communication
  • Appointments when you want them
  • Content creation tools
  • Steady cashflow for your business
  • Free time

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You've come to the right place...

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Lots of businesses just like yours have to learn the hard way how much it sucks having a bunch of disconnected tools and data... wouldn't it be better if you had easy tools all in one place for your business needs?

PaidToday makes content creation easier than ever

Make sure your website is a driving force for traffic, sales, and automation.

Powerful premade templates will help you create content fast.

  • Pre-built - Lead capture funnels
  • Pre-built - Websites
  • Pre-built - Website Landing Pages
  • Pre-built - Sales Funnels
  • Pre-built - Projects
  • Pre-built - Sales Pipelines
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Growth means more work

Organize all your projects and delegate tasks to team members, while keeping your client informed automatically along the way.

Meet your deadlines and get team clarity with PaidToday's team tools.

  • File sharing
  • Due dates
  • Progress
  • Time tracking
  • Share with clients & team
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Prevent customer service blunders with an easy-to-setup branded customer portal

Your own business client portal powered by PaidToday will give your customers the ultimate buying and support experience. Your clients can log in to your self-serve branded portal to view their invoices, appointments, or purchase history as well as purchase products or services, book appointments, and make payments.

"I love being able to log in and purchase my coffee quickly" - Brew Tulum customers

Brew Tulum Customers Payment

On-the-go business owner? No problem

Take your business wherever, whenever

  • Cloud based
  • Easy viewing
  • Stay up to date
  • Prevent client slippage
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Take a deeper dive into everything PaidToday has to offer

The best suite of tools to solve your small business problems

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We'll actually talk with you

Your business isn't alone on it's journey. We're real humans based in the United States. From online tutorials, to webinars, to 1 on 1 video calls, we're here to help.

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Have another tool you can't live without? Don't worry, PaidToday has easy integrations with 3rd party apps.

Our integrations make it easy for you work with the tools you might currently be using. 

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