Automation's transform your repetitive tasks in to workflow steps that keep your customers happy and your sales growing .

  • Automate responses
  • Automate new/existing clients sales process
  • Add clients to CRM pipelines
  • Set wait times on automation's (ex. wait 3 days send text)

Reduce your busy work 2x by using PaidToday automation's

  • Easy one time set up
  • Change, modify, edit automation workflows 
  • Never miss any steps in your sales process again
  • Chain automation's together
  • Filter out cold and indecisive buyers so your attention is maximized on high quality leads

Always be the first response with an automation

Set up an automated text message to send upon a customer inquiry

  • Send responses in seconds
  • Automate and add sales to do tasks
  • Automate follow-up steps
  • Automatically assign team members to tasks
  • Automate thank you messages

Keep your sales team up to speed by automating the new client process

One time set up. Create a process that works all the time everytime. Automations will make sure you never miss a step so you can count on higher sales conversions

  • Add tags to clients
  • Send a text message
  • Add clients to pipelines
  • Add team members to complete contact sales tasks

Control your new client process like never before.

Give your team clear objectives by creating contact actions with automations

  • Deliver a consistently professional experience
  • Never let your clients slip through the cracks
  • All clients get the same core attention

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